Inward journey through art and travel

Chantal Jumel


Chantal Jumel is a freelance researcher, traveller and writer, specialized in Indian visual and performing art. Author of two books « Voyage dans l’imaginaire Indien, Kolam, dessins éphémères des femmes tamoules » (A journey through graphical India, Kolam, ephemeral drawings by Tamil women) and « Kolam et Kalam, peintures rituelles éphémères de l’Inde du Sud » ( Kolam and kalam, South Indian ephemeral and ritual paintings), Geuthner, Paris, 2013-2010. A graduate of Sorbonne University, she gives lecture demonstrations, organizes workshops in various structures forms and creates ephemeral paintings and murals within the framework of exhibitions and festivals or on a purely individual basis.

Apparao Gallery, Chennai