Inward journey through art and travel

Chantal Jumel

Homage to Tamil women

I was captivated at first sight by the modest form of the kôlam. Anonymous and timeless,it reveals the ancient philosophical ideas and symbols of Hindu religious practices.

My kolam stories.

Traditional floor paintings have been part of my Indian journey and I learned to draw the vibrant kôlam. The variety of designs has inspired me this story in image.

The five Elements

Bhumi (Earth), Apa (water), Agni (fire), Vayu (Air / Wind), and Akasha (Space) are the five Elements or Panchabhuta.


They are among the oldest of Indian spiritual texts which contain some of the earliest concepts of Hinduism. The Upanishads are records of question-and-answer sessions given by sages to their students.

Parrots in conversation

For a short time I studied Kerala mural painting. As an exercise, my teacher asked me to copy the parrot seen down left. Later i did learn many kolam designs including parrots.

Bodies of Innocence

In Homage to the brutal killing of innocent children and students throughout the world.

Sullied Earth

Air, Fire, Water and Earth; the Elements that create, feed and destroy the world.


Embracing the last tree on earth, Nayika thinks about water, the lack of it, the water fetching by women or children, the distress of farmers, the abandoned ships of Aral sea. The only worthy temples are the bâoli or stepwells in Rajasthan.

Sand art

Ephemeral creations with powders.

Sangam poems

I received as a gift the book "Love stands alone" . It is a selection from Tamil Sangam poetry. The liveliness of the situations and the translation of Thangappa have inspired me quite a few images.